Friday, March 25, 2011


oh we go right? I've wanted to get ducklings or chicks for quite a while now...and here they are! 
they're settling into their new digs as we speak. a plastic tote with old towels seems to be working well so far. I think we will add plastic mesh window screen on top of the towels to make it easier to shake off the duck poo...which is abundant. 

Ava is really into them. first thing she did was read them a book. and she really thinks they need a blanket. she keeps trying to put one over the top of the bin. and she can't wait until we let them take their first swim...

I'm super excited too. I'm not even mad about the duck shit.

they're getting the hang of the food and water thing. they'll already eat the food from my hand. pretty cute for sure.

how hard can it be right? I mean...these are so much easier than human babies lol. surely we can keep these alive right?

snuggling up for a nap. about an hour after this, I went downstairs to find the cat, Max, trying to eat them. he had knocked over their water and was in the process or ripping off the screen from the top. luckily I caught him. we replaced the wire screen with the bin lid, which locks on, and we put a ton of holes in it of course :) this may be foreshadowing of what's to come...the perpetual battle with the end that we will end up being the ultimate predators...

let the ducky adventure begin.

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  1. Wow! You always bring such adventure into this family. Keep teaching us baby. We're listening.
    Love Always, Your Mother