Monday, April 18, 2011

oops...more ducks I got more ducks. I couldn't help it. there was a chick and duckling sale I saw on craigslist...and I needed a few more ducks. my last back of four, ended up having two girls and two boys. and I am in the market for girls. and the cat killed one of my girls! sheesh. so I'm hoping that in this batch of five...I have at least three more girls. I got two more Welsh Harlequin, two Khaki Campbell, and one Cayuga...I'm most excited about that one. he should turn out to be a irridescent black/green/blue. I'm back to brooding babies again.

they were a little rough when I got them...poop and dried food matted in their fluff. but I'm hopeful that they will recover.

they are super skittish right now. they pile in the corner everytime they hear any noise or see anything move.

my older ducks are doing great.

they come right up to greet you.

and they nibble your fingers. I'm hoping this is a friendly gesture...not that they are actually trying to eat us like little attack ducks.

it's super cute when they stretch their tiny wings.

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