Tuesday, April 12, 2011

one of my future hobbies

bee keeping...

in the spirit of using the waste stream to gather supplies for our gardening and animal husbandry hobbies...here's an idea for a homemade bee hive that I'd like to try. we could totally find all these supplies in a about an hour, sitting out on the curb on a big-item-pickup weekend...headed to the landfill. trash to treasure. anyway...one of my favorite blogs posted about this little diy hive...she's a cool farmer for sure. she's big time...if you like sheep, bees, or banjos, check her out.
Cold Antler Farm.

Beekeeping is an ancient DIY art, performed by amateurs and makers for centuries. Anyone can produce natural honey at home. People keep bees in many different kinds of hives, but we will focus on a cheap and simple design, called the Honey Cow.

The Honey Cow is designed to mimic nature as much as possible. Unlike commercial hives, it does not have frames, foundation or excluders. Instead, it just has top bars, allowing the bees to do what they would in a fallen log: build beautiful, natural combs. Because it is less intrusive to the bees, it's easier to make and manage, which makes it a perfect beginners backyard hive.

(Taken from Instructables.com - Click here for instructions!)

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