Tuesday, April 12, 2011

playing outside

ducky recess / going out to eat. they get so excited.

chopped cabbage and carrots.

they're getting to be teenagers...or something like that. not sure how duck years relate to human years...but they sure do grow fast.

ava hand feeding them. she said she is their mommy and I am their sister. she is great with them and they really seem to like her.

starting to build the duck run in the yard out of salvaged window screens.

such big helpers.

"oh-my-god...a pool!"

we turned this rabbit hutch into their night time sleeping quarters. someone was throwing it out at the curb. 

brad replaced the roof, added the front door to keep out raccoons and opossums, and gave it a sweet ass paint job. 

the finished run, complete with sun shade. 

ava forages the yard every day for duck salad and worms and snails. they love it...and putting them outside has drastically reduced the amount of feed they are eating. it would appear that the cat killed one of my females...leaving me with two males unfortunately. less eggs and the possibility of the drakes fighting over the only female. bummer. 

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